Australia defeated the visiting England by 9 wickets

In the first Test match of the Ashes series, Australia defeated the visiting England by 9 wickets.

England were bowled out for 147 in their first innings, in response to which Australia were bowled out for 425 in the first innings.


Jose Butler and Oli Pope were the standout players for the visitors in the first innings, scoring 39 and 35, respectively, while in the second innings, captain Joe Root was dismissed for 89 and David Millan for 82.

In the first innings for Trelia, captain Pat Cummins took five wickets for England, Mitchell Starc and Jose Hazelwood took two wickets each, Nathan Lyon took four wickets and Cameron Green took two wickets in the second innings.

AUSTRALIA245/9(169.3 overs)1ST INNINGS

Charles Bannerman*165 ()

Tom Garrett*18 ()

Alfred Shaw3/51(55.3)

James Southerton3/61(37)

ENGLAND196/10(136.1 overs)1ST INNINGS

Harry Jupp63 (241)

Harry Charlwood36 (62)

Billy Midwinter5/78(54)

Tom Garrett2/22(18.1)

 AUSTRALIA104/10(68 overs)2ND INNINGS

Tom Horan20 (32)

Tom Kendall*17 (22)

Alfred Shaw5/38(34)

George Ulyett3/39(19)

ENGLAND108/10(66.1 overs)2ND INNINGS

John Selby38 (81)

George Ulyett24 (62)

Tom Kendall7/55(33.1)

John Hodges2/7(7)



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